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Louisiana Youth Football registers teams ONLY.  Parents are advised to register with a team first.  If you are a parent, please visit our FOR PARENTS page for more information on why this is with our best intentions we handle registration in this manner.

In order to participate in this ELITE program, you must register your team and players online.  Once you have completed the team registration component, you will receive a confirmation email with your LYF UserID & Password.  With this information, you will have access to the player registration component and may begin entering your players to build your LYF roster.

As of September 7, 2020

As of June 22, 2020



You and your student-athletes must also complete the Hard Copy format  of the Team & Player (each player) Registration Forms, complete with parental signatures for the participation release and a COPY of each player’s Birth Certificate.

(Coaches this will be the only way to register a team & players this season)


Checkout This How To Video: Registering Player Info Online

If you have any questions or for immediate support, please use Our Text App...